Thursday 24 May 2018

Spanish Swallow from 2013 finally reveals its story - April 2018

In contrast to the warm, dry April 2017, this month was cold and very wet, delaying spring
migrants and plant growth. Given that, and the loss of Chobham for spring ringing, the month's total of 204 of 26 species compares well with the 234 of 35 species of last year.

Wraysbury provided the bulk of the captures with a session on 21st coinciding with good numbers of warblers both caught and recorded. Bedfont on 22nd, after a night of heavy rain, had a very thin time.

Blackcap came in as top species on 69 followed by Chiffchaff on 22; altogether 9 species of warbler were ringed.

An important role for bird ringing is tracking migration. While the miles covered by birds can be truly astounding sometimes the human element can be less than impressive in recording these feats. A Swallow, captured at Stanwellmoor, back in 2013, has finally had its ringing record returned to us: it was ringed in Zaragoza, Spain in the autumn if 2010.