Saturday 11 June 2016

May 2016 - CES kicks-off

Collared Dove (E Page)
First an update to the April figures from 66 to 91 as a wandering email surfaced. Still low for the month but an improvement.

In May the start of CES and the possibility of pulli towards the end of the month heightened expectations but cold spells slowed migration and delayed breeding tits. The total of 298 new birds of 29 species included a modest 65 pulli Blue and Great Tits and featured some difficult-to-catch species such as Collared Dove, Magpie and Jackdaw.

Blackcap was top species on 32 with Reed Warbler on 30 and Starling at Wraysbury and Iver Heath totalling 27. 23 Garden Warbler and 22 Whitethroat were high numbers for May and a pair of Siskin at Iver Heath were in breeding condition on 3rd.

A Kingfisher at Wraysbury in May and another at Tythebarns Farm in April added colour to a couple of sessions.

Kingfisher (A Kingston)

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